Hi all,

I know this post is a bit late but better late then never, right?

So let's get straight to it then.
As you may know Flintcrafted had a bit of a rough start in 2018 with some small changes here and there such as a new support line, the staff team that had a reset and some bug fixes that appeard due to our global upgrade to 1.12.2.

Bugs and discord:
Because we had a rough start the bugs wheren't fixed as quick as we had hoped. That's why we introduced our new github page. This will allow us to list the bugs that need to be fixed and keep track of the bugs we fixed.
Next to that we also changed discord a bit. In the past you first had one option to accept our rules in order to talk and see all our channels (except the staff related channels). Well, we changed that, now you can get access with two options instead of one.

-Force the role w/ !accepted (See #Intro when you joined for the first time).
-Wait 10minutes.

With both these methods we are making sure you agree with the rules.

We also had a staff reset a while ago so we are happy to announce that our applications are open again!

Community Manager.
GFX Designer.
And maybe probably even more in the future!

Ooh, and if you are wondering why admin isn't listed, thats because we always want that
people earn high ranks (due to the fact we want to know who we give it to).

So if you want to apply, click here and just answer the questions (make sure you have an account on our forums)!

Need support?:
Do you need support? there a couple of ways you can contact us!

Support bot: https://goo.gl/yvwPua
Support forum: https://goo.gl/gq6gSg
Discord: https://discord.flintcrafted.ga

Kind regards,
Ruben, Founder of Flintcrafted
Happy new year everyone! 2017 was fun and all with some crazy stuff in it but we made it to 2018. We have another year to start over :). What are your goals for this year?

Best wishes and have a nice 2018,
Team Flintcrafted
Hello everyone,

You might have noticed that we have a new email system.
This email system is here because it works far better then if we use the intergrated email option from the forum.
and it just looks far better.

In this email in explains a bit what we are doing and what will come in the future.
but, if you didn't get an email just op-in here and you should start receiving mail when we launched a new update.

But, i dont want to receive you updates by mail, how do i get rid of it?
Well, if you already have received an email you are indeed in our mailing list so if you dont want to be in there just go to a mail send by mail@flintcrafted.ga, scroll down and click on "unsubscribe" then you should be removed from our list and wont receive any emails anymore.

What if i dont see images?
First click if you clicked on "show all details/images" then you should be able to see it but
if you made a mistake with your settings when you subsribed then you just need to go to a mail send by
mail@flintcrafted.ga, scroll down and click on "update your preferences" and then just check HTML.
All fixed.

Kind regards,
Team Flintcrafted
Hello Comrades!
There has been a sighting of war inside the crusts of the Prime Empire located North of Re'ok and West of the Lacramose near the warzone that came to be known as Garrovan humans have been clashing among eachother. Here to bring peace in these regions is the Lacramose herself. Neptis calming the waters soothes the soldiers and mages back to their full health and from then on Garrovan was clear from the horrifying sounds of war and the deadly flashes of flares from the Commanders and flames striking down from the heavens from the Priest.

What Is Empires?
Empires is a new gamemode that will be coming soon to Flintcrafted Network and will be introducing 4 different classes coming to the assault with more unlockable classes along the way!

Regular Classes -
  • Valkyrie - A warrior from the great ashes of what was left behind in the history of her glory. She fights for victory among the battlefields of Garrovan and above.
  • Commander - A deranged assassin who turned into the commander of the great Garrovan army. Fighting for victory and keeping his comrades in sync and in great clashes.
  • Stone Knight - A guard of the Lacramose said to have the power of stone to guard the Lacramose from deadly intruders and keep his Leader safe.
  • Priest - This priest is a sorcerer trained by Neptis, but was born not to bend water or heal soldiers but to give his answers from the heavens above. Coming into the battlefields strike flames from the heavens if the deadly priest. Keep away he is dangerously hot.
Unlockable Classes -
  • Neptis - The enchantress who created the Lacramose is said to be the goddess of the waters. Using her water to heal...
Well, it's the time that many have been waiting for,
factions is now open. That's right, go add Flintcrafted to your server list with the IP: play.flintcrafted.ga, and do /server factions (or click on the special sign). Custom features are on and being developed for the factions server, so we can give YOU a truly unique experience. We would like to remind you though: If you find a bug, do not exploit it. If you are hacking, you will be banned, and if you are not following any server rules, you will be punished. Custom features INCLUDE: Custom terrain, Heath bonuses based on level, but to find out the full list, travel to the factions server and go ahead and make your faction the strongest.

Kind regards
Team Flintcrafted
Hello Minecrafters,

Because its Flintcrafted's (first) birthday today and we are opening soon. We are giving ranks for the factions server to the first players that join our server (this begins when the faction server is open).
And of cource you all will get a nice bonus when you join so you can create your ultimate faction.

Hello Minecrafters,

We have a new main spawn thanks to our builder (and helper) @King_Mining and because this is now done, we can focus on our factions and CityRPG. We are working hard to get the plugins for the factions server. We don't know when the release date is yet and one of the reasons is that I'm on a trip to London this week. We won't be showing any images of the factions map right now, but i can say that its not just your average minecraft world.

-Team Flintcrafted
Looking for a cheap minecraft host!? And i'm talking INSANE cheap!

Got to https://clovux.net/billing/link.php?id=26
And use our Discount code: Flintcrafted2017 FOR A 50% LIFETIME DISCOUNT!


First Partnership
Yes, We finnaly have managed to have a partnership with our host, clovux :).

You can check them out here: https://clovux.net/billing/link.php?id=26

-Ruben, Founder Flintcrafted


A new apply system has been launched on the new Forums!
How it works:
If you log into your account on the forums you will see a sidebar in the forums area. On the sidebar is an "Application Forums" tab, there will be choices of ranks to apply to. You will have to fill out various awnsers and these may change overtime for harder or easier questions.

TheGrumpilex (Developer of FlintcraftedMC)