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Discussion in 'News' started by R_Flintstone, Apr 7, 2018.

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    Hi all,

    I know this post is a bit late but better late then never, right?

    So let's get straight to it then.
    As you may know Flintcrafted had a bit of a rough start in 2018 with some small changes here and there such as a new support line, the staff team that had a reset and some bug fixes that appeard due to our global upgrade to 1.12.2.

    Bugs and discord:
    Because we had a rough start the bugs wheren't fixed as quick as we had hoped. That's why we introduced our new github page. This will allow us to list the bugs that need to be fixed and keep track of the bugs we fixed.
    Next to that we also changed discord a bit. In the past you first had one option to accept our rules in order to talk and see all our channels (except the staff related channels). Well, we changed that, now you can get access with two options instead of one.

    -Force the role w/ !accepted (See #Intro when you joined for the first time).
    -Wait 10minutes.

    With both these methods we are making sure you agree with the rules.

    We also had a staff reset a while ago so we are happy to announce that our applications are open again!

    Community Manager.
    GFX Designer.
    And maybe probably even more in the future!

    Ooh, and if you are wondering why admin isn't listed, thats because we always want that
    people earn high ranks (due to the fact we want to know who we give it to).

    So if you want to apply, click here and just answer the questions (make sure you have an account on our forums)!

    Need support?:
    Do you need support? there a couple of ways you can contact us!

    Support bot:
    Support forum:

    Kind regards,
    Ruben, Founder of Flintcrafted
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