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    Hello Comrades!
    There has been a sighting of war inside the crusts of the Prime Empire located North of Re'ok and West of the Lacramose near the warzone that came to be known as Garrovan humans have been clashing among eachother. Here to bring peace in these regions is the Lacramose herself. Neptis calming the waters soothes the soldiers and mages back to their full health and from then on Garrovan was clear from the horrifying sounds of war and the deadly flashes of flares from the Commanders and flames striking down from the heavens from the Priest.

    What Is Empires?
    Empires is a new gamemode that will be coming soon to Flintcrafted Network and will be introducing 4 different classes coming to the assault with more unlockable classes along the way!

    Regular Classes -
    • Valkyrie - A warrior from the great ashes of what was left behind in the history of her glory. She fights for victory among the battlefields of Garrovan and above.
    • Commander - A deranged assassin who turned into the commander of the great Garrovan army. Fighting for victory and keeping his comrades in sync and in great clashes.
    • Stone Knight - A guard of the Lacramose said to have the power of stone to guard the Lacramose from deadly intruders and keep his Leader safe.
    • Priest - This priest is a sorcerer trained by Neptis, but was born not to bend water or heal soldiers but to give his answers from the heavens above. Coming into the battlefields strike flames from the heavens if the deadly priest. Keep away he is dangerously hot.
    Unlockable Classes -
    • Neptis - The enchantress who created the Lacramose is said to be the goddess of the waters. Using her water to heal others in her way and bending the sights around her. Many will be confused as to if she is a human or a mermaid of the ancient ocean.
    • Rogue - An undertaker from the Prime Empire was sent out by his Leader Catani to strike down the people of Garrovan and assassinate anyway willing to not let him do so
    • Catani - The Queen of the Lone Isles who is said to have corrupted Neptis to her former self is the leader of a bandit group who sets out on destroying all Empires and Re'ok itself. A dangerous mischievous girl set out to be the most dangerous woman on earth. How scary...
    Coming Soon... Stay Tuned!
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    Cannot wait to start working on the game mode! Stay tuned on little sneak peaks of the upcoming map for the game mode. :)

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